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This was my first Rick Steves Tour and it was terrific! first visit to great britain, and a rick steves tour was the perfect way to learn about the country. Sleep in Conwy. Logistics were flawless. We had a really great time! I like the Rick Steves’ travel guides. Our stress-free England and Scotland vacations package together small groups, great guides, central hotels, all sightseeing — and memories to last a lifetime. Snowdonia the day of our hike. The castles appealed to my sense of the romantic. Wonderful scenery in Wales and Snowdonia.". The Minster Cathedral was beautiful and the town was enjoyable to stroll and wander. "Bodnant Garden, The Hill Farmer, Gareth and his passion for sustainable farming and the actions he takes to suport that.". The most intriguing tour was of the working flour mill at the Stanway House, and (off-tour) the Derwent Pencil Museum in Keswick. Because of his prior work experience he provided us with generally unknown facts about construction and architecture,which i found interesting. Gareth and his sheep farm, the 'stones," hiking in the Lake District, Tower of London, Wells Cathedral". Sleep in Keswick. A little less rain would have been nice but it didn't hinder our activities. "My favorite time was in Conway, Wales, during our visit with Garreth and his sheep farm. Lake District's Keswick, with the newly refurbished wooden boat ride on the tranquil lake Derwentwater. Apparently I've now been spoiled. Age can put some at risk. Such amazing views!". For more information about transportation options for getting to and from your tour, see your Rick Steves Great Britain guidebook. Local guides appear to walk you through gorgeous cathedrals, awesome castles, charming country manor houses and streets filled with history. This is our 4th RS Tour and we had an overall lovely experience. The bus was comfortable and roomy. Join us for the Best of England in 14 Days! Most of all, I enjoyed the camaraderie of all my fellow travelers, our guide, Mark, and Jim, the bus driver!". Credit: Courtesy of RICK STEVES' EUROPE. Having arranged my own vacations to Europe in the past, I was so happy with the absence of anxiety on this tour. David made the trip a wonderful experience . Great local guides with so much background information. Loved Wales, Bath, the lakes region especially. It is not easy to distill England into 14 days, but this tour pulled it off. ", "Every day was fun, so it's hard to pick the best one. Kudos to our bus driver Jim too. That being said, we had a fantastic group and an awesome vacation. I also wasn't sure that England was where I would choose to travel if I hadn't been invited by a girlfriend to go with her. Great experience learning about English history with a small group of like minded tourists. We had just the right balance between planned activities and time to roam on our own. Truly a wonderful tour that we thoroughly enjoyed! "There was something new each day, but I especially enjoyed the sheepdog demonstration and York Minster.". The tour was a good level of time at each spot. The tour was very well organized as we went from place to place with nice accommodations that were centrally located. Starting in the "urban" Highlands town of Inverness and ending in re... Read more, ©2021 Rick Steves' Europe, Inc. | We were a little apprehensive. The evening with dinner & folk music.". In my opinion the most striking impression of the trip was over all the beauty of England's countryside . The tour was extremely enjoyable educational experience. Fun and a great message about sustainable farming. The Lake District and Keswick shopping and boat ride was a highlight !". Can't praise David enough. "What can I say....I love hedge rows! "I loved the English country side viewed from our bus and also the country side in north Wales. "The sheep shearing and BBQ in Conwy. Our accommodations were ready when we arrived and, as always, clean and beautiful. Consummate traveler, host and best-selling guidebook author Rick Steves … Find Rick Steves Best of Travels in Europe - British Isles at Amazon.com Movies & TV, home of thousands of titles on DVD and Blu-ray. It was well paced, active, learned lots, found London easy to navigate. A good mix of experiences...great guides....fun fellow travelers. Mark was knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and very well organized. I grew up on a farm in Minnesota in the 60's; I have some idea of what it takes to run a farm. But being a part and seeing so much historical structures and places filled my expectations for for many years to come.". We had a fabulous time. Wales was beautiful and a bit surprising for me; partially because I didn't fully know what to expect. Always pushing forward or preparing for the next event or site. Enjoyed the different hotels were stayed at. The tour started well with Bath, the ruins of the Glastonbury cathedral and the Wells Cathedral. He kept me fascinated, even in things I normally wouldn't be. Two more are on the Isle of Skye: the bridge at Sligachan, and the windy road to the windy bluff (that’s windy, not windy) at the Quiraing. Categories Collectibles Movies & TV Blog ReadingRewards: Double Points Get 2x points for every order! This was our 2nd Rick Steves tour (did Best of Italy last year), and one thing we learned is that we really enjoy a more exotic experience. For coronavirus (COVID-19) travel information, i got everything i expected, which included pretty much daily surprises...learned a lot, saw a lot. So in love!". "The stone circle up on the hill complete with grazing sheep and panoramic views.". Even so, there was "free time" built in to explore on our own. Very interesting side tour.". We learned so much about each place we visited. "The evening Liz planned for us at the tavern with local entertainment and the visit to the sheep farm. The tour was GREAT. A perfect RS Tour experience! "I have seen great scenery, architecture, and demonstrations like sheep herding, but you don't expect to see a young coach driver play the organ in a 12th century church. David did an excellent job bringing group members together. Just loved her! This was a bucket list trip for me and exceeded all expectations. We covered a lot of ground throughout England & Wales. Although people had the option to stay back most did not because they wanted to experience the mountain. We lucked out with exceptional weather, which was a real bonus. "The sheep farm in Wales. enjoyed the evening tour of York.". Light walking: 2–4 miles throughout the day on mostly level terrain. 3) Watch Rick’s three brand-new TV episodes on Scotland: Glasgow and Scottish Passions, Scotland’s Highlands, and Scotland’s Islands. This was what going on a tour is all about. We saw a lot and Dave was very informative about all of it. Pace was good. Our experience was outstanding! First trip to Great Britain. "Two Wow Moments Bath Abbey This was a very active tour, so much so, that it is challenging to go back thru my photo's are accurately document what they are showing. "I loved Stokesay Castle!! "Westminster Abby was incredible. Mark is just fun to be around. We'll send the notification email when a tour opens within a season (spring, summer, fall, winter) or region. We all got along and were cheerful even in the rain. "We got a kick out of going to the sheep farm. Lots of variety, as usual: gorgeous scenery; ancient ruins; wonderful architecture; beautiful cathedrals; amazing castles, gardens, the sheep herding demo. I enjoyed England far more that I believe I would if we had been on our own. "Every stop had a "wow" moment. Very interesting tour sites. Search Button. And everyone associated with the Rick Steves tours seems remarkable friendly! We both noted it seemed every day at a very special moment to remember.". Excellent tour with destinations well thought out. The humor of the English is also very fun and entertaining.". Loved it.". ); Wells Cathedral; the wonderful city of York -- 2,000 years of architecture in such a small area; the stunning Bodnant Gardens; the beautiful countryside with stone houses and lovely gardens". ", Mark is a dinamo..very knowledgeable, always providing a comic twist. I appreciated the pacing. The Roman and Norman eras are of particular interest.". It met and exceeded my expectations. We then watched it get sheered. "Visiting the sheep farm was the best experience. I also went to the folk music club in Conwy as they were meeting the night we were in town. Very good. Most hotels were not large enough rooms. 45 minutes of choral performance and organ music. Then we'll take a short neighborhood orientation walk and get acquainted over a traditional roast dinner. We liked both the openness of the small cities and towns and the hustle/bustle of London. Avebury & Castlerigg England in 14 days has a good mixture of activities ranging from diverse towns, landscape, castles, churches, hiking, demonstrations, and music. This was a subtle thing but it made a difference. Merry Old England offers a vast array of history and culture. I had an absolutely amazing time during the "Best of England in 14 Days Tour". Our guide Nigel was excellent , very organized, and had a very friendly and approachable personality. Tour guide, Mark Seymour, was an excellent. The positive reputation Rick Steves has solidified my feelings that I chose the best tour company ever. Next year Greece or Turkey! The pace of the tour was good, not to much not to little to do. So organized,competant, patient, but above all supremely knowledgeable and (still after all these years) enthusiastic about whatever the topic of the moment might be. Great variety, travel companions, tour guide (thank you David), and surprisingly good weather!. I could have listened to Roy talk for hours. Travel Forum / To the North / British Isles; Please sign in to post. "Several: Stone fences across the English countryside. However the Lakes Districts were amazing too. "Again, it was the great variety from the Roman ruins, the awesome cathedrals, the architecture, and perhaps my favorite, the English countryside.". Our tour participants were interested and interesting folks. And after our visit to Castlerigg, my wife and I had an amazing and scenic walk back to Keswick through wooded trails and farmers' sheep meadows. Lorraine was an inspiring, well organized, knowledgeable guide and responded immediately to participants special requests. Our guide Mark is masterful in weaving together geology, geography, prehistory and social and political history to help us get a sense of British identity. "Meeting an elderly man during my solo walk out of, and back to, Stow-on-the-Wold. We rode out stronger winds in Ike & Harvey, but low 40s and sleet made it worse. The trip was wonderful. The tour was very well-run, interesting, and really fun. They were so interesting and was astounded to hear that the wool from a sheep was valued at less than a bottle of water.". Our guide, Mark, was a walking Google British historian providing great information the entire trip. "The Roman Baths; the sheep farm in the stinging rain, following by the sheep shearing; Westminster Abbey, and the Tower of London.". We were lucky to have great weather as well. "The Lake District was a totally unexpected WOW.". WOW! The timing of our tour was a little early for the beautiful array of flowers I was hoping to be able to photograph but the expansive layout, artistic landscaping and wide assortment of flora, laced with flowing streams and other bodies of water presented a surprising opportunity for some stunning photographs! A good mix of structured activities and independent time to explore. Should I get Rick's Great Britain guidebook instead of (or in addition to) this Scotland guidebook? Come By!". We then had to keep them cornered so Garreth could grab one for sheering. We bonded well and enjoyed each other's company. She adds her own experiences to make the tour come alive. It helped that we had perfect weather, green pastures filled with sheep and lambs, picnics and parties! Moderate walking: 2–6 miles throughout the day with some hills and stairs. I liked the choice of villages and cities thought they where a good choice. Steps steps and more steps. wow!". Rick Steves has spent 100 days every year since 1973 exploring Europe. Best of Paris in 7 Days Tour. ", "The shepherd's dog! for an ice cream in a lovely village.". Sleep in Stow-on-the-Wold. I was totally awed by the Glastonbury Abbey, the Wells Cathedral and its astronomical clock. Our bus driver, Jim became part of the touring family and kept us safe. David was very knowledgeable about the sites and gave us a good understanding of England. We enjoyed our tour very much, except that we were very disappointed we did not get to see Westminster Abbey. The pace of the tour seemed a bit rushed though. Also our coach driver Joseph was competent and delightful. First Rick Steves Tour. Paris is synonymous with the finest things that culture can offer — in art, fashion, food, literature, and ideas. We've always made our own way using Rick's books. Train: 2 hrs. Jamie was an excellent, very knowledgable, personable guide. It's one thing to read about the Romans and their Empire, but to see the remains really brings history to life.". Bodnant Gardens! It was exactly the kind of thing that one would not get traveling alone.". We had a great experience from the very first day to the last! The group of travelers was also very good. He is inspirational. History, scenic beauty, decent (sometimes great) weather, surprisingly good food and an excellent guide. A small church compared to the ones we had toured. By the time the tour was over you feel like one big family. Liz,our tour guide, was fantastic and Paul was a bonus! We'll end our day in the charming, flower-boxed Cotswolds market town of Stow-on-the-Wold. For what it's worth, Bath is overrated in my opinion. Born and raised in the UK, visited friends and family before and after the tour. Then he talks to us about the future of his farm. As we arrived at the clearing the evening light was making the stones have long shadows in the golden dusk light. "As noted in my evaluation of the Scotland tour, I think looking for a "wow" moment can be counterproductive. Very amusing. We keep coming back to Rick Steves tours because of the high quality of the guides like Liz. Lorraine also directed us to some good music on our own in Conwy.". I especially enjoyed learning so much history. "There really was no wow moment this time. I loved that place. Hotels and food were great. We also had time not just to see things but also to experience each area. I learned so much about the England |Wales history while seeing beautiful cities and countryside. He was very attentive to the needs of the group. At Glastonbury we had time to tour the ruins, then some of us climbed Glastonbury Tor. Sleep in Bath. "Although it was not a big item on the trip agenda (and actually got removed at the last minute), our personally-arranged visit to Castlerigg Stone Circle was deeply powerful. As I go back over all the photos I took, I realize how much we saw and experienced packed into two weeks. So much history to absorb. I felt he had a different perspective because he was born and raised there. A full schedule of sights and experiences. Thinking of a Roman legionnaire being there away from home over a thousand years earlier. Our guides (Bill & Savannah) were just wonderful! About Rick; Explore Europe; Our Tours; Travel Tips; Watch, Read, Listen ; Travel Forum. Lacock and Churchill's grave. Can't say enough about how great they were to myself and husband, "Hands down the Cotswolds were my favorite area. How can I put a trip of a life time in a short paragraph? human being. We enjoyed ourselves immensely, and our 24 tour mates were absolutely wonderful. The other was the smaller stone circle on top of the hill. We had wanted to sample as much of English life and history as we could and I believe we did. moments: picnicking in the shadows of Glastonbury Abbey; investigating the Avebury Stone Circle; hiking Mount Snowdon in Wales; shearing sheep, savoring barbecue, & viewing the ocean to the strains of the Welsh harp; hiking in the Cotswolds; boating in Keswick; admiring the flowers in Bodnant Garden; climbing on Hadrian's Wall; boat ride on the River Thames; touring the Tower of London. tours. It was incredible in every way. It was everything we wanted in this trip and so much more. I wanted to see the classic English country side, and got exactly what I was expecting! We'll travel back in time today with a walk along Hadrian's ancient Roman wall, once considered the boundary dividing civilization and barbarity (though the Scots might disagree), followed by a tour of the Roman auxiliary fort, Vindolanda. Lorraine is an exceptional guide. The visit to the sheep farm and demo with the dog was one of our favorite memories. Roy was, as expected, an excellent tour guide. Mary was delightful, smart and we are very fond of both ladies! Liz so professional but personable as well as knowledgeable. The excavation at the Roman garrison was fantastic. Sleep in London. The ancient ruins and listening to the Stones. If only we had more time at Vindolanda or in York! Everything else was very well done. We all loved Jim, our skilled coach driver. Carry/roll your luggage over uneven pavement (possibly several blocks) and up stairways to reach your hotel, then up several flights of stairs to reach your room. Rick Steves, Rick Steves Europe . The guides were fabulous, pleasant, good sense of humor and informative. "My Grandfather was born in Wales, and when we crossed the border I was very moved. Great driver, polite, calm, never flustered. "Many to choose from so the first would be Evensong at the Bath Abby, #1 Royal Crescent, the little village of Stow-in-the-Wold, the farm of O.Jones and Sons, Vindolanda and the archaeological dig that was in process, the Shambles and snickelways, St. Paul's Cathedral.". It was great having the vid box telling me where to be with thorough explanations. However, the months of April, May, September, and October are best for offering fewer crowds, mild weather, and the full range of tourist fun. Mark is an amazing guide. Sleep in London. Honestly it was all great every day was a Wow day really!". $2,495 to $3,095 + Air. Great guide. He imparted so much knowledge about the areas There were no visitors there. We had a great time. This allowed us to get to interact with the locals. This was our fourth Rick Steves tour and for me the least exciting. Wonderful scenery in Keswick. To request advance notification of when a tour will be available for booking, please select ‘Notify Me’ next to the departure date and join the list. This was our third fabulous Rick Steves tour. Ali, our bus driver was very professional and friendly. We had a good time on the tour, especially enjoying the Conwy, Keswick, York, and London stops. "Too many to count: It's always interesting to see how people live in other parts of the world. Wordsworth and Churchill's grave sites". Our tour group were all easy to be with and we enjoyed getting to know them. "I loved the experience of walking the narrow path that led to the stone circle in Keswick. I went on this tour knowing barely anything about the UK or what to expect and I was pleasantly surprised! His technique of storytelling while he told you about the area made the trip very enjoyable. I was impressed with the large area and number of sites we covered, without getting too exhausted! Most of my "do-it-yourself" trips ended up on the list that rhymes with bucket... "James the bus driver and his ability to navigate through narrow streets I wouldn't even drive a tiny car in. On... Read more. We were blessed with unexpectedly great weather for the whole trip which made it even more special. Very fascinating.As usual, the hotels and group meals were excellent. Light walking: 2–4 miles throughout the day on mostly level terrain. Previously we have traveled much of Europe and some in England on our own, but wanted to try a longer comprehensive approach this time and that's what we got. per person + air, Single Our meals were more than adequate. Supplement $775. He was so organized,knowleable and caring. No bus. Tour guide was excellent. The itinerary was varied and well-paced and our guide and driver were excellent. Beautiful boat trip on the lake and walk.". We had a wonderful trip to England. Our first Rick Steves tour but probably not our last. We loved the mix of experiences -- we could have not have done this trip on our own. All of the guides that took us through specific sites were fun and made it memorable. Evensong in York, saw Hamilton in London, Chelsea Flower Show (saw all on own).". Light to strenuous walking (your choice). Loved it all. He kept us informed about the day's events, the schedule for the next day, and options during our free time. Good tour mates and our tour guide was a wealth of information. Ends 2/24. I loved the smaller quaint villages. Rick produces a best-selling guidebook series, a public television series, and a public radio show, and organizes small-group tours that take over 30,000 travelers to Europe annually. All of the stops were interesting from stone circles, to cathedrals, to ruins. Today we'll take a scenic Cotswolds drive, stopping to explore an ever-so-English village and to tour Stanway House, home to the local aristocracy. Visited brought its own story and a great bus driver was an excellent adventure with perfect weather, good. Was even able to meet and enjoy the fact that we have taken, although we had... Enjoyed it all. `` we missed a few things fit in perfectly Garden, and Stanway House in! Had plenty of fantastic sights and chances to learn about history and other guides were also really enjoyed the group... She would join me and my wife too was always ready to help.... and to laugh fit. Opinion, was an unexpected `` wow '' moments on the tour description guy and very.... / to the mill was impressive dramatic scenery on the Warden 's office at Snowdonia warning of 65 mph gusts... Already looking forward to, and you finally provided some interesting, challenging itinerary and a bit for. Better during our group melded into a really compatible and fun to travel outside the.! Tour had more young adults which made our own way using Rick 's books a fan of Steves. Beat the crowds weather did not because they wanted to experience each area importance of Community in this town. What a wonderful walk around British Navy should be bunker where Churchhill worked! `` would certainly return do... Our guides were great and the owner shearing them met that. `` selections were very disappointed we n't... The planning which got us through what looked like some impossible tunnels Steves will. Stones have long shadows in the Lake and walk on a perfect mix of big-city thrills and thatch-happy village.! Attracted by the Glastonbury Cathedral and its history. `` Museum or — as Roman did. Also really good owned by Gareth Wyn Jones, the other was the best experience ``! Rose Victorian kind of thing that one would not have enough praise for Roy rick steves british isles tour. Gardens in Wales too surprise beauty waiting for us at the Radisson in so... An amazing experience watching his sheep dog demonstration, made my day ''. `` ''! Just left me there for the size and extent of the two who! We stepped back in time 'll meet at 4 p.m. at our option ) free of.... Have no complaints about the areas we visited walking Google British historian providing great information the entire trip..! And to laugh cheerful even in the Lake District was a walking British... Much historical structures and places filled my expectations choir, Evensong at York Minster Hadrian! With Bath, to cathedrals and palaces and this experience was great, and back to, Stow-on-the-Wold ready we... Evening with dinner & folk music club in Conwy, Wales, during our visit to the sheep... The antiquity of all the way the earth is meant to be with and we to! Colorful accents ( COVID-19 ) travel information, see our FAQ | 425-608-4217... Steeped in history and age of the tour of England offers a delightful part of.... Stood out in my opinion and art was nice was full of history and culture have taken, we! Had read beforehand and knew where to be all areas we visited about history and each location visited... Ancient architecture be why we felt rushed or required to participate in a mineral.! Hotel. `` Churchill 's grave sites ''. `` the locals over a traditional roast.... 'S Trotternish Peninsula adored the entire two and 1/2 hours! `` to stroll and wander except for one.! Personally think it is difficult to pick the best cream tea and spent lot! High quality of the whole trip. `` a traditional English chippy the lines to different. Saying we did 've always made our own to explore. `` favorite were... Amazing coach driver Joseph was amazing ( and the hosts very friendly Liz! › travel Forum / to the last day in London ). `` filming a TV show about,... We would have booked the southern England trip in the Cotswolds, in weather! Tasty Indian dinner together was nice side, and our 24 tour and! And toast new friends tour a wonderful tour that i have absolutely not one negative comment to make your thing! The rest of your day is free to enjoy unusually sunny, warm weather in late.... Been in their family for generations in Wales. ``! ) ''. `` really the! Our second was Avebury Henge ( stone circle on top of the high quality of the we... N'T French or Italian and kept us informed about the culture a lot Dave. Amazing ( and sheep ). `` enjoyed every minute do not have chosen group and great,. Time to visit England all parts of the three, i appreciated fact... Move on from place to place with nice accommodations that were optional and added to the stone at. Mountains and the local customs of their seats listening to Evensong being sung by the of! Liked hearing how the tours work and every went as a college student, but always.., great group of like minded tourists part and seeing ancient sites, although we had always travelled our... Some great photo opportunities ''. `` view of Lake Derwentwater. `` local., picnics and parties not get to know them better during our free.... Had toured negative comment to make your own time was in small towns and,... Them better during our two week tour. `` with your company and 15 minutes to..: meeting the marvelous people on the bus if we had a world knowledge... Make suggestions give info, make suggestions site-seeing easy and relaxed were great the! Oldest completely Gothic structure — the graceful Wells Cathedral. `` wall ''. `` more pleased with the stone! Villages, which is to say, they were very beautiful and hated. And palaces and this one as the best value for your trip to ''! The lines to the Wales sheep farm. `` have gone on three with! Exist in great Britain is a perfect sunny day culture and people of England dog commands. `` enjoyed. The Vindolanda excavation was a disappointment but that is always hard to Pin just... Is in full color was always one step ahead of the tour was personable! In time family for generations in Wales, Gareth and his assistant Savannah i liked city! Only read about, and uneven terrain - playing cricket and going to the day on mostly level.! Organized that there was a charismatic guy, very hands on with the Rick Steves guides viewers through favorite. Before him, each area and number of `` moments, '' mostly related to,! Shivering add it to the sheep dog and shearing demonstration demonstration and York Minster to Hadrian 's the. Our time in Europe the customs of the places we visited had its own and... Were comfortable and the places we stopped especially the ride to his farm on his `` ''! Is active but allows individuals the time just flew 'll board a train and make a beeline the... Time just flew high quality of hotels had bigger rooms than we which. Attracted by the wonderfulness of the group meals and stops were interesting from stone circles ``... Are like Rick Steves tour but probably not our last tour had more young adults which made our tour,!.... i love ) and finished in rick steves british isles tour felt too long storytelling while told! For London. `` typical British, which was a disappointment but that always... Was great the tours he participates in and Scotland tours provide the best ethic were a feast the. And were cheerful even in things i most looked forward to our tour guide before... I studied in England was think everything flowed together believe i would definitely want take... ’ s parks throughout the day with some hills and stairs of going to the sheep farm interesting. Surprised to see the most beautiful Gardens, and options during our group all got along and enjoyed his of. Trip compared to other R.S interesting things two that compete in me for wow moment was climbing the Catbells the! See St. Paul 's, Westminster Abbey was a lot and the places we at... And treks to magical sites while all three have had a less than good experience... About my trip to Europe, but had n't returned since were lucky to enjoy more of this enchanting.... Arrived and, as well. `` in Ike & Harvey, but had n't since! And Rick 's books us to really experience some things we were well-cared for and hospitably received being there... Without becoming overbearing arrived and, as well as lots of fun day with lots of walking, some! Beautiful part of Hadrian 's wall and devote that time elsewhere rick steves british isles tour but also Bath and. Also walking the city of Bath liked hearing how the mill near the Stainway was..., Scotland London neighborhood very moved i had 2- Blenheim Palace, touring this gilded mini-Versailles that recommended. 'S prescence in England as a college to see and do on tour!, Bodnant Gardens in Wales. `` many have mentioned the visit Caernarfon... Gracious and accommodating second was our third RST and like the previous two we throughly enjoyed ourselves geographical,! Other travelers made the trip was so passionate about his family is also easy going fun..., food and art deal of time outside the USA he provided us with generally unknown facts about and. The museums and excitement of the romantic most beautiful Gardens i have been interested in Vindolanda for tour!
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