We are always there to assist you for your roofing needs. <> US Tile by Boral – Clay roof tile is a symbol of premium roofing, with the highest standard of sustainability and craftsmanship. %���� Largest Eaglelite dealer stock in Colorado. The field of roof is the central or main portion of the roof; this excludes the perimeter and flashing. Accumulating hard-to-find, out-of-production roofing tiles is one of them. With more than 100 years of combined tile industry experience we can help you find any tile or accessory for any roof and tile system. Asphalt Shingles; Cedar Shakes & Shingles; Concrete & Clay Roof Tiles; Slate Roof Tiles; Metal Roofing; Composite Shingles For re-roofing applications, Monier Lifetile's sub-600-pound, lightweight tile requires no additional engineering. Ashbury Clay Tiles | The finest clay roof tiles, handmade using traditional methods. Monier C-LOC™ Technology has been independently tested to have 8 X better gloss performance than standard COLORBOND® Steel. One of the greatest challenges of tile roof repair can be finding the right tile to match. Five star rated dealer for eagle roofing products. For locations �mt�����JJ䒲�7N��qh��+�/2)�\��^��Z�e-ضe9҄�C�Q,z�}��̴�~50y�=��낚ތg�f�dʹ��Y�8m�(�UM�A��)J���sl� ��:!��� M���euZ�J��*�G$����R&4:�IǷ���@i_�og�W`͔�jD�.�cm�W���#f�������4p�U�}����(��ŋ�0MI(�f[b���= � Lifetile concrete roof tiles custom tile roofing lifetile concrete double s roof tiles slubne suknie info lifetile concrete roof tiles custom tile roofing california lifetile españa enterprise roofing discontinued roof tile obsolete roofing used rox 2500 lifetile concrete roof tiles for in bi. (W 2 0 obj Any Flat or “S” tiles labeled “Duntex”. Known as "The Ultimate Shake Replacement," Cedarlite represents a quantum leap in concrete roof tile. Boral USA is the largest clay brick and paver manufacturer in the United States. We specialize in obsolete, discontinued, and salvaged roofing tile. Whether you need one tile or one hunderd, do not hesitate to call us. Exclusive to Monier, it retains gloss for even longer than CAT Colour, so your roof is more resistant to fade. z� D���J�֫GB�\�c>P�dt���{l]2R6&�E°�i�I�ϗ��F'�ED#�U�H We have acres of tile that is of … Roof tile profiles are illustrated in Figure 1. Even if the tile on your roof is 30+ years old and is no longer manufactured! Prior to the formation of Monier Lifetile LLC, Boral Lifetile was the second largest producer of concrete roofing tile in the United States. Whether it is an old concrete style that is no longer made or even Spanish missionary tile from centuries ago, we have plenty of supply to meet your needs. We also have In-Stock Roof Tiles for fast pick-up or delivery. Category: Roofing Sub Category: Low Profile Roofing Tiles Material: Concrete 1. x�]ٖ�6r}ϯ��TuNU�d&�����<=gl��e̓��V�������,�L��|c� A$�:sdI��!+A �X ��g��}���]���-o���m˶�gu����~���>����^�g���m�m������-w �k�MS����죛l_i�ݼ�>��)�"���.>��n��}zN���ηu!$�m} ���V�������ltD��l��M��?t|GU�V�VaX+� �u��7s"����P���������|l����c��r[A�'�vh���U{�+�o�"o���1�|>w����.>yq�����eVg���?�ߙ^�_�����jn���ev��W�����م5.����n~k�J�(��Pc��}W���C�}�:��2���g�� ���s��s_n�*����N�i#�����o�������J��>��;�z�]��n� "�? �Ry����Ї��~���W�S�� %PDF-1.3 Give CC&L Roofing a call today- we are the tile roof experts and we have the yard full of tile to prove it! <> Corporate Office 3546 N. Riverside Avenue Rialto, CA 92377 1-909-822-6000. For more information about MonierLifetile and its concrete roof tile business, visit www.monierlifetile.com or call 800-571-TILE (8453). Some of the tiles we have in our yard are discontinued brands such as Monier, Lifetile, … Boral Roofing – Concrete roof tile is beautiful and enduring and one of the easiest ways to complement your lifestyle and increase the value of your home. 4 0 obj The issue is roofer is almost sure some tiles will break in the removal process especially along some ridge & hip because current tiles have concrete mortar in those areas making those tiles hard to salvage. Any Flat or “S” tiles labeled “Vanguard”. In-Stock Tiles. Clay Tiles. Duntex Corrigated $ 20.00 Add to cart; Bender/Pioneer Nordic $ 16.00 Select options; Boral Lifetile Flat. We have the largest bone yard of discontinued, salvaged, reclaimed and hard to find roof tile in the south east. 157 likes. You can view our new / Replacement Tile inventory by Product below. Classic Roof Tile. {R���E7�m�8vN���V��}�_�8`��o�S~b����n����L��4|��÷V�Id�Q����z��� ���?1��!���ibʅ�3�7�8W�u���Ja���=�>��yFvc -����z�:N-����sh�"�HM^w�Ї�����༩q�=:�.�?���zW$j�wZ�za�d���\ Qp���]��/�E$M��l������CU�A��FVx��(Q0�Y���M����q��4� UͶ�*�sy=�\G��K� endobj endobj The roof tile is designed without anchor lugs. We sell by the piece! Welcome to All Points Tile & Slate, inc. We specialize in Clay and Concrete discontinued tile. In My Own Words "Monier Lifetile is always there from a customer service standpoint, saving us both time and money because of the reduced callbacks. Online Ordering and FREE PICK UP Now Available, Nationwide Shipping Available, call (303) 600-8696 The following roof tiles are obsolete and do not interlock with the profiles currently offered by our existing member roof tile ... Any Flat or “S” tiles labeled “Lifetile” o Any tile with Hanson Regal o C�߀)����oO!\o���r��l � �f�� ����Ⱥ�Z���N3���h��Xט������t�� ���\���&cd�*���!�HzS�kð#����Uu���a47��i�ɅlD~H�:��}�!���#/��v?��YA������P��V�#�k)p����Ρ���bz�Rm'R�rZ ��#c)O�I,��`�Y�=�d ���ؗ[s@X��Yxz ��MU�NG�o_�8�����\� ��d,������y�>��{�y���:� ��ka����R�e���|�.��y[��%�1a�����`�2���w�vә�|�3.y��)�/j�ȸd�.F�Tgw���xr�Ǿ2vl{�9k����`=SNE�5ӂ/���9�䂇G�H�#��KJ+�G��A�@pTA�BXmP��6L�1D�����Z!FF�a���U�W��ַV���l�5:��J�*�s3J�6�&[���8Sۛ]�.�q&UV���8��� We often have surplus tiles and offer those at discounted prices. ��u��[�>��P�O�d�B�x�07Fɮw��;��������~d�~�Vը~�+y�w�r]��h��� x`���̀�0�Z�u`O�hv)#�:Vb۠�*5+7��h��=ˍ��5nk4�m�O��7�|a�xw��}1�i$ƃ�a��P����8�P�Cy�g�(`�\Gu�Ǎ��9w�8�2fv�iw��I��Fն��;�1e�a�6:�����>��U�Pn�"��c��N��r��~#�����)i�S�7����V��ly�ݗ�!�1�fF��^>��+�)Qu�>�W���g���P� �%��C �0D5�~�u��ƻqh�Y��x̀wh�=���+���\oP�(X�uf�����}�c4���݈���]b�۪ The roof tile is manufactured in the same manner as the roof tiles described in Section 3.1, except the tile is noninterlocking. If we don't have it we can find it!. A full range of roofing systems under one roof At BMI India, you will find the best products for your roofing needs whether it be for a sloped roof or a flat roof. Even the rarest, oldest, discontinued roof tile lines can be found through us. Add to cart. from joint venture partner Oberursel, Germany-based Monier Group. 84. SKU BOL1010000-00 Categories Concrete, Flat Tags Boral, Lifetile. We can ship anywhere in the USA! g�Z1[9�1��D%��ޣ��_�������D/�W+���Ft��-�,� ��+�;�\:��.�n���ԝ���#�4��욹����ևF2�.�;&Y�n���(���Q[�v U�o�"��"�gݘ�&�]>�����u1�#J`��{�A�ն�΅HT�]�;ѭz`Gz�L'~ ��K��̾��`�~p�ȤK���.�=��:qkdEjS�� �bI������Ob��,�269I��?���Tӏ�t�'?�� �a�7)瓟ө���w�W��Re��7I�Sn|{ERemϧ�L�>��\!3�C. WE CARRY MANY HARD TO FIND TILES IN OUR 15 ACRES OF OBSOLETE TILE! Roswell, Ga.--Boral USA has just acquired the remaining 50 percent interest in Irvine, Calif.'s MonierLifetile L.L.C. Modeled after the highest quality hand-split cedar shakes, Cedarlite was developed with a unique manufacturing process that gives such a realistic appearance, most would be hard-pressed to tell the difference between it and real wood shake. Got a question or interested in finding out more about our products you can contact us online here or call 1800 666 437. COVID-19; Locations; Products. Discontinued Roofing Tile in Florida: Any Flat or “S” tiles labeled “Gory” or “GAI”. + RC��ZL������~�U|�3����a ����iY�m��x*n��r��G��S։ϖ��C얒�h�`0�BE�q��M�e�1j3��j�r�����VX0�F����w�ܪDBKH�+��sJ6r�Y[�ƿad3��ۢO�(|Sm�(�N�zk��9�%��u}���4�eS����C ��i ���:Dêi������U��L���+�{��=Lc��F!��zE�1k���C� Cedarlite® Concrete Tile. >��'?�F�����' The following roof tiles are obsolete and ... • Any flat of “S” tile labeled “Lifetile” • Any tile with Hanson Regal • Any flat of “S” tile labeled “Monray” • Any tile with Entegra Valencia Online Ordering and FREE PICK UP Now Available, Nationwide Shipping Available, call (303) 600-8696 Circle . stream << /Length 5 0 R /Filter /FlateDecode >> Any Flat or “S” tiles labeled “Bender”. Lifetile was an extruded concrete tile … Customer Service. We provide our customers with high quality concrete tile roof products that are aesthetically beautiful, durable and environmentally friendly. Call us at 866-388-6193 to get connected with a discontinued roofing tile specialist. Monier was an extruded concrete tile manufacturer.