The National Association of Teachers of Singing, Inc. (NATS) has agreed to eliminate provisions in its code of ethics that limit competition among its members. The American Choral Directors Association provides the professional network and resources you are looking for. email = user + '@' + domain; May 26, 2020 Moderator: Brian Newhouse, Minnesota Public Radio. In a show of solidarity, NATS has put a mask on its own logo. Because these aftereffects can include reduced lung capacity and intubation injuries - byproducts with potentially devastating effects on singers - this webinar will be devoted to a frank discussion of these and other COVID-19 related concerns. The European Voice Teachers Association e.V. Sending everyone good wishes for 2021. National Association of Teachers of Singing • 9957 Moorings Drive, Suite 401 • Jacksonville FL 32257 Phone: 904-992-9101 • Fax: 904-262-2587 • Email: Submit your event here. Our Canadian members also have resources available to them for relief aid. addr = user + '@' + domain Our switch to a virtual event is a monumental task but we are pleased to share that nearly all of th… Otolaryngologist Dr. Lucinda Halstead, is founder and medical director of the Evelyn Trammell Institute for Voice and Swallowing at the Medical University of South Carolina. workers who must stop working due to COVID19 and do not have access to paid leave or other income support. She is also President of the Performing Arts Medicine Association (PAMA).