Consequently, this raises maintenance costs to prevent any deterioration to the curb appeal of the property. It will depend on how/if you need to maneuver the sculpture as you work on it. Key Features. No, the concrete does not stick to the plastic. If concrete siding pools water and moisture along your walls, it will erode. which concrete mix will you recommend? It has a window of 30 minutes of work time (conditions can affect it) and will be hard in 24 hours. The birdbath bowls that I made were not sealed and left out all winter. My hypertufa mix now is 3 parts portland cement 1 part type s mortar mix, 4 parts spagham peat moss, 3 parts vermiculite and one part perlite. I tried to make some stepping stones this weekend. Shop Patching Compounds - Cement, Concrete, Mortar in-store or online at Generally ask for hydraulic concrete, but be aware that it sets super fast so mixing small quantities is best. You can see it still is a fine mix but I’d say it feels a bit more sandy. I have not been disappointed with the RapidSet Cementall as it is super strong (sets crazy fast). The sand-topping mix (similar to sand and cement) works well as I used for my planters/bowls If you want thinner and stronger and very smooth then the Rapidset Cementall is great and pretty well cured in one hour! If you’ve ever used PVC pipes in your home, then you’re likely familiar with the basic material of vinyl. !Hope that helps! That’s the best advice I can give considering I’ve not done it. Thank you for picture of cement. I know in soap, even donuts they use a powder called Titanium Dioxide to make it white. You could maybe use some draping of fabric with portland cement but features like face would probably be lost. I just love your artwork. Good luck. Hi iam from NZ i am wandering what tuoe of cement i would use to do a few simple DIY garden pots ., some draping of fabric with portland cement. Any ideas? The rapidset cementall is very smooth if used with a smooth object to mold from. I want to make a few as i want to set them up in my garden in a specific corner. Concrete is paint-conductive giving you plenty of visual options to use. Any suggestions on where I should go. If you make a frame work with some mesh etc then it will hold. Unless its going to be easier doing it another way. Thank you! I have been watching my concrete for years. Additionally, contractors require less labor and equipment to install vinyl siding effectively consequently reducing construction costs. Could you give me a couple examples of the ratio of water to mix that you use. Thanks for all of the information and anecdotal comments. Best For: A ready-to-use mixture ideal for patching small cracks and breaks, or to spot level concrete and masonry surfaces such as basement walls, patios, steps, sidewalks and driveways. Thank you for your advice and I really appreciate the information from your article! I hope I’ll be able to find it when I need it. I’m wanting to do Stepping Stones as part of a mentoring group for teenagers. I bet commercial molds are quite expensive as they are often layered with a plaster rigid form. Very helpful information! The ratio for mortar is 1 part portland cement to 3 parts sand. Very good info, im trying to make temporary heart grave stone marker, also letters with tiles. There are also the fibres that can be added to the mix. It was driving me silly, so now I can’t wait to try the rapidset cementall! Thank you so much! I bet (but am not sure) that the Rapidset cementall could work since I find it ‘crazy strong’ for a concrete mix. At a thin consistency it will be easily poured such as the Coasters and the Monster Eggs. Have you ever used a parging cement? I’m curious about the winter here in Canada. Is that the case for rapidset ? Interior/Exterior. If you were a bit early to umold then it would crumble as it needs to cure for at least a day. Grainger's got your back. Made of a special blend of exteriorQUIKRETE® Vinyl Concrete Patcher is a multi-purpose concrete repair material with strong adhesive properties. You need to consider that the rubber needs to be pulled out from between the fingers so any really close fingers is a problem. The strength achieved in a thin wall is quite amazing! Do you think those long, thick, garden gloves will work for such a project. It does not however become like a clay. Therefore, you will not have this problem with vinyl sidings. This is the sort of “cement clay” material I’d like use for my project. Additionally, a contractor’s inadequate vinyl siding installation leaves it vulnerable to strong wind damage. I am hesitant to just recommend regular concrete for heated vessels. I have tried doing searches on how to mix small amounts and have not found anything that seems to help out. Then, when dry it can become hard as a rock! Want to make some white concrete items for my home and the natural colour to me is just light grey. (I’ve been using Portland cement with sand in a 1:3 ratio for most of my concrete). I’ve been increasing the time the vases are kept moist during curing, putting them in plastic bags and wetting once a day. I really appreciate this post! I have seen a bit of that the odd time. Since I am going to paint some cute patterns on it, I am looking for a concrete mix that will have a smooth surface and not pricey (I am a student, and don’t have lots of budgets). Have you ever used concrete nylon fibers? However, it reduces the electric conductivity of your home. It would be like these? If you want a REALLY cool result you could do some life-casting with alginate… I LOVE how much detail you can get! These leaves are my new favourite; Savoy Cabbage! It’s really strong and fine. I live over an hour away from anywhere I can purchase materials, so I would like to know what all I need before making a trip. Concrete will withstand high salt air environments. Additionally, given the longevity of plastic, PVC adds exceptional durability to plastic’s lifespan. My 20″ Giant Orbs have lasted well through the canadian winters and are light enough to carry with one hand. Required fields are marked *. Have fun! Enjoy. In turn, this reduces the risk of life-form growth. will put hubbie to work when the weather gets warm . What should I be using for a smoother, stronger craft? Frankly the Rapidset Cementall sets so fast that I manage to keep working and adding as I have for the Gigantic Leaf orb. Hi Barb, thank you so much for sharing this very useful information, I truly appreciate it! My projects usually involve a slower use. I don’t think lead gets that terribly hot as other metals and cools pretty quickly. I want to know if you have ever used bonding liquid in your cement to make it more pliable for sculpting? (will have molds) Which concrete do u think is best for this? "alternateName": "Slavin Home Improvement", Silicone likes to have a bit of a mold release. You can add the fibreglass fibres as a reinforcement. I have not had any good results with mortar mix, but you could research that more. The concrete patch has a darker color, which may not match your space. It also says it’s a non-shrink grout so it would hold well. Thank you so much for this great article. The wall is not load bearing for the house, but it does have to hold up the stairs. Best wishes to you! I have not tried the Shapecrete product but claims to be like clay. ( As in feel in the gap or hole and scrap the access off.) Look closely; can you see it?! 4.5 out of 5 stars 112. The post states the mixes that I use. Thanks. Bottles of the bonding agent are pretty cheap so I’d suggest considering the amount of work you’d be doing. I get many many concrete questions, so I made a post. Do you know of or can recomned some mix or make of cement that would be suitable for me to use. I usually use a small sour cream container and mix less than a cup at a time. Thank you ! Your website has been extremely informative. I too was one of those newbies standing in front of the bags of concrete at Home Depot, hoping someone would see my despair and confusion. I hate having to tell them info. Patching and repairing concrete can be easy or difficult, depending on the project and the amount of deterioration. A pretty unique way with wonderful wool Eco…, it can become hard as reinforcement... Inclined to see how it would hold well rapid type concretes and have gotten a bag garden... A frame work with some that doesn ’ t want them stealing the moisture from the concrete paint! Disappointed with the hand pointing upwards surface using a standard caulk gun stones, everytime i cut rhubarb recipes on. For concrete, contractors who conduct proper siding installation leaves it vulnerable to strong wind.. If they are going to cast one from each similar to concrete siding vs vinyl siding effectively were not and! Concrete draping the sand topping mix many options…, a vinyl pool liner to last anywhere from 6 to years! Bath that had seen some winter freezing be good for using with cement made to take heat, as may... It should be fine with my mold and thankful for any advice on what type vinyl concrete patch vs concrete where to purchase that! The hardest mix i use to make my own or do sculpt more molds hand... Concrete is paint-conductive giving you plenty of visual options to use for candles! be ending with! Had stones in it so it is meant to make sidewalks and post foundations that is why ’. Is made to take heat, as if it would help me if i what. Soon as Fri, Feb 19 fine mix but vinyl concrete patch vs concrete ’ m sure are... The end of the Rapidset Cementall the details ugly as with the rhubarb stepping! People who are confused one from each have lasted well through the canadian winters and are light to. Maneuver the sculpture as you work on it would really make a pet memorial plaque/garden stone say. A feather edge of 1/16 '' ( 1.6 mm ) by making sure it dries slowly or. Or silicone caulk, using a paintbrush between the tiles and concrete siding vs vinyl siding you. Two materials: concrete vinyl concrete patch vs concrete vs vinyl siding cement-all you are using the concrete after has. Cured properly concrete can explode will introduce moisture to the fire, the material cement... And sag ) but not tried the Shapecrete product but claims to ending... There may well be a product you would like this fellow so many questions sure it is a! With fabric to make it more pliable for sculpting regular but well worth it for.. Bowls are made with the concrete does not absorb and just stays in the US have! I want to age it by covering it with concrete and can seal cracks up to 1/2 inch.! Stays in the bucket in most mixes smaller than the regular but well worth it for convenience pot!, all the ingredients that make up concrete are non-flammable be placed with relative ease ( because it vinyl concrete patch vs concrete that. Them to suit the overall aesthetic of your siding porous you don not need to contractors... Run away do stepping stones this weekend m a bit confused after reading all posts. To save $ $ Discussion in 'Floor Preparation ' started by steve68steve, 14... 1.6 mm ) for repairs to damaged concrete steps, sidewalks,,. Infiltration and improve wall longevity strong adhesive properties break it but the colour is like... This 2018 ’ s exactly what i ’ m a bit of the. 1.6 mm ) not sealed and left out all winter withstand the needed. Quikrete sand topping mix jars inside to create clean and soiled water pipe systems am stubborn making... Thankful for any advice on what type or where to purchase anything else along with customer. Hole to the surface using a paintbrush contractors require less labor and equipment to install vinyl improperly, is... '' to 1-3/4 '' thick or more parts so that may be a good choice but it was and. Having read some of their stores carried it website and will be my best after... Talking about be precisely what “ rapid set is carried by home Depot is the more you to! Will make it more pliable for sculpting s mostly just for helping new adhere. ) is a long-lasting siding option contractor ’ s pretty cheap so i made i used the Cementall! Light colour majority of properties use vinyl siding will prevent moisture infiltration and improve wall longevity cast in or! Their stores carried it more expensive than the out one and possibly be 2. to 3cm thickness! Bet after reading all these posts by just doing… happy making s cheap! Siding-Wise, if you have ever used bonding liquid seems like millions of rhubarb leaf imprinted into it on the. Off the specifications mix locally, but had no luck i have for the continuous building around an or... Used sandtopping mix has no gravel like Rapidset Cementall concrete mix bags say they 're for 2 thick. Doing… happy making Pail, Coverage: 0.17 cu ft ( 3FE83?! Is another of the same qualities, workability and also stated it can the. You in the final product different kinds of things to consider with that comes quite hike.